Last winter I visited a circus school, where I joined a training program with various artists. Against all odds, it was especially the clowns who mesmerized me. A character I ́d only known from clichés and movies turned out to be fascinating. I discovered, societies have always had clowns. As they defy regulations and cross borders, they show how absurd our normality is. They portray radical humanness and make us aware that we ́re all fools. They teach to embrace the ridiculous, to drop our masks that we use in society as they uncover our structures.



For a long time, this part of education has mostly been reserved for men. Therefore, in my photographic, filmic work, I ask myself: How do women occupy this space of education, which perspectives do they show us and how do they approach the clown figure today?The female clowns play with characteristics which we all own. Being transparent with their feelings, they open up the darkest places of their souls. They show that we all deal with failure, sadness, own foolishness, but they give opportunity to laugh about yourself. In times of crisis, clowns inspire and encourage us to come out of our shell, open our eyes and be compassionate with one another.